We meet the FIRST Thursday of every month. In general, presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. Exceptions are noted in the Events Calendar.

Meetings rotate on a monthly basis, each member assuming responsibility for presenting a topic of particular personal interest -- or arranging for a visiting speaker – as well as handling all logistics related to meeting location, time, and sending all pertinent information to our Queen to be disseminated to our entire membership. Every December, we celebrate together at our annual Holiday Party.

If you would like to join us, please CONTACT US for more information.

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Dec 7th: Our Holiday Party and Photo-Art Gift Exchange Game at Angelika's Home

Jan 4th: 4x10x20  Four Teachers - 10 min lesson- 20 minutes to practice
Fleur  ~   iPhone art
Eileen  ~  Sillagismz
Sonja  ~  Abstract in computer
__________ ~ __________

Feb. 1st:  Horses at the Beach!!!  

March 1st:  Jack Davis  (Photoshop something) at MOPA

April 5th:  Shooting at Rancho Carrillo  (peacocks in full bloom)

Additional Events:

GALLERY SHOW NOW THROUGH FEB 2018: Villa Musica in Sorrento Valley

Retreat: April 2018 in Oceanside

PhotoLA fieldtrip 

Fieldtrip to Leo Carrillo Ranch to Photograph Peacocks in Spring

Bonus Events that are planned:
Laguna Festival of Art and Pageant of the Masters

Join us for Fun, Friendship, and Art!!!

Ideas for the Future:
Endless summer:  Woodies at Moonlight Beach
Time Lapse Photography
Getty Villa Field Trip
Joshua Tree/ Palm Springs Retreat:
Pageant of The Masters - Bonus Event Field Trip
Twilight shoot
Equine Photo Play: Horses in Action
Underwater Photography
 And a great RETREAT coming soon



January  5th: Luci teaching  People Retouching  ~ Fast and Easy ~  

Feb 2nd: Docent Tour of MOPA

March 2nd: Image Transfers

April 6th: Flower Fields with Macro Photography

May 4th: Male Model Shoot (our Annual event)

May 18 – 21  WiCP Retreat in Baja

June 1st: Still Life ~ Designing and Photography

Night Sky Outing, Sunrise Highway, Shoot of the Milky Way with Eileen ~ Monday June 19th

July 6th: Our Annual Guest Brunch and Review of our Fine Art
August  3rd: Composites by Michele McCain

Sept 7: Lightroom Mobile Sync

Oct 5th: Finding Elements in La Jolla- Shooting for Compositions, Abstract and Artistic Vision

Nov 2nd: Night Sky Processing at George's

January:  Newborn photography - Luci
March:  Headshot class/IQ – Julie
April:  Ice forms, Amy's house - Abbey
May:   iPhoneography and apps – Theresa Jackson
June:  Mary Beth teaching Botanical Printing
July: Open House
August: Tips and Tricks, Member Share
Sept: Night Sky photography
October: Boudoir
November: Encaustic process
December: Holiday Party


Jan 8- Angelica Fantasy and Creativity at her house
Feb- Doll House tour
March- Jennifer's workshop about discovering your personal project, at Amy’s
April- Encaustics Abbey taught at Misha’s  
April  Art Alive
May:  Silhouettes and Fire Spinning by Sam at beach
June: Cyanotypes by Patricia
July- open house at Abbey’s
July- Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and POM
August- Fine Art Nudes at Kim's and Dana’s pool
Sept- Infrared at Quail Gardens by Abbey
Oct- Projection Sales by Luci
November- Photoshop Tricks by Judy
December: Holiday Party