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About US:
Women in Creative Photography is a group of professional photographers in San Diego that has been around forever and has thrived as an artistic haven for women (mostly professional and established fine art) photographers who need a regular creative fix and the support of some wonderful and talented female photographers.

We meet the FIRST Thursday of every month. In general, presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. Exceptions are noted in the Events Calendar.

Meetings rotate on a monthly basis, each member assuming responsibility for presenting a topic of particular personal interest -- or arranging for a visiting speaker – as well as handling all logistics related to meeting location, time, and sending all pertinent information to our Queen to be disseminated to our entire membership. Every December, we celebrate together at our annual Holiday Party.

When scheduled beforehand, new members are introduced to the group, encouraged to share their artwork, and talk about their dreams and goals at this point in their career. For more on how to become a member, email us on our  contact page.