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Abbey Chamberlain Photography

Active in two galleries, the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas, Ca and the North Coast Art Gallery in Carlsbad, Ca, Abbey's art includes Gilded Light, an alternative process utilizing gold leaf. 

She specializes in Fine Art for homes, civic installations and businesses, and galleries, and has distinct portfolios showcasing many styles.



Angelika Drake

Angelika is a storyteller and woven into every image she creates is a piece of her story told through the lens of her imagination. The end result is not necessarily a definitive answer but more a yielding to the mysteries of this life and a stand against the injustices inflicted upon it.


Angie Crompton

I am a Portrait Photographer, specializing in maternity, newborn, family and fine art.  I am inspired each day that I look out of the window and see a new set of colors.  An old  English hymn that I learned as a child "All Things Bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small" hit home for me then and still does.  When I travel to new places it opens up a whole new vista to photograph and immortalize.

Annie Lemoux

My work covers a multiplicity of subjects, and though the larger part of my life's work has been dedicated to the nude and street photography, my personal interests do not stop there. 

Barbara Beck Randhahn

I am a fine art photographer working in digital, film and alternative processes. Often I choose to weave my personal touch into my art through the use of specialty papers, hand coloring, fabric and stitching.

Barbara Fletcher

Photography has been my passion for over 40 years.  I specialize in travel, landscape, portraiture and macro photography. “Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

Barbara Swanson

I love photographing outdoors, especially focusing on wildlife/ birds, macro and travel photography.

Barbora Havlikova    

Barbora sees the world unlike many other photographers, she doesn't look through the window of her camera but through her heart. Barbora does mostly photography of weddings, portraits of romantic couples, pregnancy and children.

San Luis Rey MissionSan Luis Rey MissionSan Luis Rey Mission at sunset

Carmen Saunders

I am a commercial photographer and I offer you photos to adorn your walls for your business or your home that evoke a sense of beauty, harmony, and tell a story.

Carol Flanagan Corsi

Exploration of the world through photography fills me with wonder, delight and enduring satisfaction.  Through my lens I hope to create and share the beauty in the world that surrounds us.

Carole Massey

I enjoy macro, flowers and nature, and using LensBaby to create impressionistic photographs.


Char Webster

My passion is to create unique art from magical moments, whether people, landscapes or wildlife, by combining images and textures.


Charlie Breese

As a native Californian and living in San Diego, there are always many opportunities to photograph.
When I am not out with my camera you can find me at my computer working in Photoshop. I also enjoy walking on the beach and spending time with family and friends. I am constantly researching new and unique techniques to capture and present my photography.


Cheryl Hamer

Cheryl  has traveled to over 60 countries photographing wildlife and people in their native environment. After practicing law in California and the District of Columbia for over 30 years, she now lives in San Diego, California and is fully devoted to this lifelong love and passion.


Cindie Wolf

Own The Moments Portraits


Dana Parnes

Passionately sharing moments that inspire... photography is the voice of my heart. Specializing in magnificent moments in nature that make one's heart smile. ♡ Namaste Fine art photography to be enjoyed in your home or office. For inquiries or to commission a project please contact: [email protected].


Deborah Savarese Photographic Art

Celebrations of ... love, life, nature

... color, b&w, alternative 

Dee Elwin

Capturing nature in all its beauty is my photographic love. However, architecture, macro, black and white are also favorite subjects of mine.


Dona Tracy

I am an artist, a writer, and a photographer with a love of living beings. Nature and animals are my rock, the soul of my soul, the heart of my heart. I believe we are connected to all life at the cellular level, only our shapes are different. Edward O. Wilson wrote in Biophilia: "From infancy we concentrate happily on ourselves and other organisms. We learn to distinguish life from the inanimate and move toward it like moths to a porch light... our existence depends on this propensity, our spirit is woven from it, hope rises on its currents."


Eileen Mandell Photography

From childhood I’ve been mesmerized by the night sky, and today use a camera to capture the beauty and vastness of our galaxy. From night to day, I look for detail and color, movement and grace, conveying feelings in the still image.  I am an artist, lifelong learner, traveler, and a lover of everything photographic.


Heidi Gauthreaux

The beauty of nature is awe inspiring and I attempt to capture small moments in time that showcase this beauty. I have a passion for wildlife and nature. I love the entire process from capture to edit.

Jennie Edwards

Jennie Edwards, photographer/ videographer, helps entrepreneurs share their message to make bigger impact in the world. She teaches how to show up confidently and vulnerably, in alignment with their values. Since 2007, Jennie has run a successful business empowering clients to grow their audience, connect authentically and drive sales.

Joanna Herr            

Joanna is an award winning photojournalist with over 35 years of photographic experience. The philosophy of “Giving back” is vitally important; she serves on the Board of ‘From Chrysalis to Wings’, donating her time and materials to provide glamour photography to women fighting breast cancer. She frequently offers portrait packages as fundraiser prizes, and she also works with military families and personnel every month, donating her time to provide them with low-cost family and newborn portraits.


Joan Everds

I strive to achieve a sense of classic elegance in my images. The focus of much of my work is still life and landscapes. All my work originates with a photograph. I often embellish a photograph and frequently add acrylic paint and ink to the printed piece.

Joyce Muscat

My passion is traveling and meeting new people, capturing their essence, moods and emotions through my lens. I offer pet, family, children, events and landscape.


Judy MacLean-Fowler, Penguin Productions

I love people, animals, nature, travel, science, history, music and the arts.   My Philosophy of Life is “Always Learning, Always Teaching”.   There is a story to tell in every photo and every video.  Whether I’m documenting a live event under my company name, PENGUIN PRODUCTIONS Photography & Video, or creating my own fantasy world of digital art, I try to capture the moment and present it in an artistic and creative manner.



Judy Olesen

I am passionate about landscape photography!  Capturing the beauty of nature defines what photography is all about for me.  My images portray the natural grandeur I see thru my camera lens onto the printed image. 


Karen Floyd 

All women need to have beautiful photographs of herself that make her feel special and truly beautiful in her own way. Every woman deserves to feel gorgeous. I create experiences with pampering, wardrobe styling and guided posing create the “best you” possible for your images. It is unlike any other photograph experience that you may have ever had, and your gift of the day are retouched images of yourself like you have never seen.

SEP2-005-20-25%Strength 4x6

Kim SignoretPaar

Kim creates photographs that tell stories about people and fleeting moments. In addition to showing her photography in various venues, Kim teaches iPhoneography at the UCSD Retirement Center and OASIS San Diego.

Laurie Abbott-Hart

 Photography is my art, my passion and my salvation. Photography allows me to tell stories, express my emotions, and to see the world with a curious and inspired eye.

Laurie Guidero

As a talented professional and creative photographer, Laurie led WiCP for many years as president.

Lia Segerblom

Fine Artist and past Master Portraitist

Linda Berman

Photography has been both my portal to creativity and my passport to adventure. It has taken me to places and encounters with people that has fulfilled life long dreams. 

Lisa Miller

I love still life, landscape, nature and street photography. I enjoy the precision of still life and the randomness of beauty found in simple, often overlooked objects.  Photography allows me to see life differently, to appreciate the details, the textures and the varying shades of light.

Luci Dumas 

Artist and award winning PPA Master Craftsman Photographer, I have enjoyed a creatively satisfying full time career as portrait photographer since 1982. 

I am also a business coach and have a podcast called "The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas". As a founding member of WICP in 1988, I love how many creative, wonderful women I have been privileged to “play” with using our cameras.

Maryanne McGuire

Contemporary photography in San Diego and worldwide.  Maryanne McGuire Photography specializes in boudloir, corporate events, weddings, family and lifestyle portraiture.  Maryanne has a journalistic style this is candid, creative and fun.  She believes every photograph should evoke a feeling, capturing the emotions and essence of each individual. 

Mary Widicus

Photographs are how I capture memories.  I love travel photographs and gravitate toward landscapes.


Michaela (Misha) Rockova Doblar

I have a European-influenced studio, specializing in wedding photography, portraits and newborn photography. I provide an energetic and comfortable atmosphere while capturing your personal memories. I love working with people and kids and I enjoy adding energy and a personal touch to my photo shoot. I have a positive spirit that reflects in my work.


Michelle Pennings, Designs By Chelle

Michelle is an International Award winning PPA Master Photographer. She loves to take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. Fine art underwater photography, composites, digital painting and creative styling is what Michelle is passionate about. 

Michelle Whitney



Nicole Toesca Photography

I enjoy photographing natural landscapes, villagescapes, and cityscapes, often focusing on a solitary element within.  I also shoot and set up still lifes. My fine art images have been called  “moving and have won several awards.   I offer fine art  prints of the highest quality on metal, canvas, and more that embellish your workplace or residence.


Osia Strasner

Photography is an extension and expansion of my visual vocabulary. As an architect I am drawn to the built environment, as a night owl I love to capture the night skies, and as a world traveler I like to document different cultures and people in my photojournalistic pursuit.

Pasha Turley

My emphasis is fine art which is based on an idea or concept visually translated.    Other  work includes travel, alternative processes, and documentary.

Rhonda Epstein

I have a deep appreciation of nature and art and feel most at home in the space where these two come together. For this reason I find myself drawn to nature Photography. I love the process of getting out in nature and striving to capture its beauty with my camera. This process is both challenging and rewarding.   I endeavor to capture scenes that tell a story and create emotion. 

Robin Stern

My passion is all things nature- especially sharing insects in macro photography.


Rose Barr

A photograph is the pause button for life, and I love pausing the special moments of a newborn baby- these moments are fleeting, temporary and precious. I am a South African enjoying life across the ocean in San Diego.


Sonja Longley

I delight discovering beauty in the humblest of subjects, be they a wild flower, the bark of a tree, a fallen leaf, and creating exquisite images. At other times the magnificence of the subject simply demands to be captured and to be made my own.



Sue Cerise

I am inspired to photograph anything that has a heartbeat.  I particularly love to photograph people while traveling or doing street shots. Unposed, natural expressions that show the inner nature of a person really speak to me.


Sue Fleming

Photography has been a long time passion & creative outlet for me. From the Paris fashion runways to the
wildlife in Alaska, these unique experiences have propelled my passion for photography and enhanced my skill set. 


Susan Coppock

I taught photography in high school and college for 20+ years. I am passionate about night photography, storm chasing, and sharing my knowledge with others.

Suzanne Hansen-Ofeldt

By combining people with her passion for travel and photography, Suzanne delivers more natural, personal and always engaging images. Through the eye of her lens, she has captured the people who color her life’s work. Through her own eyes, she sees the personalities and landscapes that fill her life with love and laughter.


Terry Constantine

I specialize in video, film, macro, landscape and wildlife photography.

Trish Lucia

Patricia Lucia Photo & Video is an editorial and commercial event photographer, specializing in people and corporate photography & video with a colorful and energetic style. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business, she believes that great creativity is the result of team effort and values working closely with her clients.  Based in San Diego, California, Patricia and her team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.