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Abbey Chamberlain Photography

Photographic Impressionist, specializing in Fine Art for homes, civic installations, and businesses, and galleries.  Plein Air style, and Alternative Process; Figures, Fantasy Creations, Botanicals, and Abstracts. 


Michaela (Misha) Rockova Doblar

Rock on Photography is a European-influenced studio, specializing in wedding photography, portraits and newborn photography. I provide an energetic and comfortable atmosphere while capturing your personal memories. I love working with people and kids and I enjoy adding energy and a personal touch to my photo shoot. I have a positive spirit that reflects in my work.

Jennie Edwards, Guided by Imagination Photography

Creating playful moments for Dream Wedding Adventures, engagements and Family Unique Photo Adventures, and Modern Goddess photo sessions. Be empowered as the best version of YOU with confidence, authenticity and fun!

Eileen Mandell Photography

From childhood I’ve been mesmerized by the night sky, and today use a camera to capture the beauty and vastness of our galaxy. From night to day, I look for detail and color, movement and grace, conveying feelings in the still image.  I am an artist, lifelong learner, traveler, and a lover of everything photographic.

Luci Dumas Fine Photography

Fine Portraits of Children and Families that will touch your heart, add beauty and warmth to your home and become a treasured family heirloom.

Sandy James Photography

One of the most successful wedding studios in San Diego; in business since 1982. We have an easy-going personality which has a calming effect on your wedding day. We are photographers who can flatter a wedding couple and capture an event with sensitivity, alertness, and professionalism. We feel the best compliment we have received is, " you took all these great photographs, and we (the Bride and Groom) didn't feel it was an effort."

Dana Parnes

Passionately sharing moments that inspire... photography is the voice of my heart. Specializing in magnificent moments in nature that make one's heart smile. ♡ Namaste Fine art photography to be enjoyed in your home or office. For inquiries or to commission a project please contact: dana@danaparnes.com.

Angelika Drake

Angelika is a storyteller and woven into every image she creates is a piece of her story told through the lens of her imagination. The end result is not necessarily a definitive answer but more a yielding to the mysteries of this life and a stand against the injustices inflicted upon it.

Priscilla Monger

I enjoy capturing breathtaking moments on my visual landscape that fulfill and inspire me as an artist. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the Moments that take your breath away."

Nicole Toesca Photography

I enjoy photographing natural landscapes, villagescapes, and cityscapes, often focusing on a solitary element within.  I also shoot and set up still lifes. My fine art images have been called  “moving and have won several awards.   I offer fine art  prints of the highest quality on metal, canvas, and more that embellish your workplace or residence.

Alaska 2014, McNeil River State Game Sanctuary.

Sandy Zelasko

Passionate about wildlife, I shoot their stories in hopes of motivating others to become stewards of the earth and the wild critters who inhabit it. Sandy Zelasko offers small, intimate nature and wildlife workshops throughout the Western United States specializing in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and other destinations where wildlife abounds.

Charlie Anne Breese

I love travel photography and try to look for interesting and unusual subjects in my photographs. I also enjoy doing landscape photography.


Lia Segerblom, Lia Portrait Design

Lia has been a photographer, artist and oil painter for over 40 years. She is based in a rural home location in Central California, and travels for all of her portrait sessions. "Have Camera, Will Travel" and "Creating Art with Heart" are two of her most favorite slogans. She is also an avid equestrian and also specializes in equestrian portraits. Upon request, any of her portraits can also become original oil paintings, creating another level of "Art with Heart". This customization is a joy and is key to her unique approach.

Rose Barr

A photograph is the pause button for life, and I love pausing the special moments of a newborn baby- these moments are fleeting, temporary and precious. I am a South African enjoying life across the ocean in San Diego.

Jennifer George

For over 20 years, Jennifer George was an International Awarding Winning Portrait Photographer and author. She traveled the world to meet the needs of her clients and assignments. As an author of three photography how-to books available on Amazon, she has been a sought after speaker and instructor for professional photography workshops and seminars. Today, she is currently running her non-profit, Art Inspiring Change and creating art photography images and exhibits.

Maryanne McGuire

Contemporary photography in San Diego and worldwide; Maryanne McGuire Photography specializes in boudoir, corporate events, weddings, family and lifestyle portraiture. Maryanne has a journalistic style that is candid, creative and fun. She believes every photograph should evoke a feeling, capturing the emotions and essence of each individual. 

Under the Red UmbrellaUnder the Red Umbrella

Michele McCain

Award-winning photographic artist and illustrator, specializing in unique one-of-a-kind storytelling art.

Diane Marinos

I'm a lifelong photographer currently specializing in vanishing cultures in an ever-changing world.

Pasha Turley

I am a fine art photographer. My work focuses on the human condition and political issues. The intension of the work is to invite you to consider issues and to discover a closer sense of being.

Laura Makenna

I always wanted to be a painter but because I never inherited that gene, I was thrilled when I realized I could paint through photography. It is my wish to give the viewer a more romantic and beautified vision of the world. Photography is not a choice for me; it's my passion and obsession. I wake up everyday looking at the world through my lens and am excited to keep discovering new perspectives.

Sonja Longley

I delight discovering beauty in the humblest of subjects, be they a wild flower, the bark of a tree, a fallen leaf, and creating exquisite images. At other times the magnificence of the subject simply demands to be captured and to be made my own.


Mary Beth Klauer

Specializing in alternative and film photography allows me to experience the process from capturing the image to full dark room production.  Remaining open to new processes, fine art and travel photography are my current interests.

Alison Huntley- Pixel Pro Foto

As a photographer, my goal is to capture the emotions, spirit and essence of whatever or whomever is in front of my lens.  I love fine art compositing, visually compelling landscapes and exploring the mysteries of life through my lens.


Carmen Saunders

I am a commercial photographer and I offer you photos to adorn your walls for your business or your home that evoke a sense of beauty, harmony, and tell a story.

Theresa Jackson

Theresa graduated from UCLA with a BFA in 1984. Shortly after she embarked on a career in the graphic arts / print industry. Working in prepress during the early years of digital imaging, she developed an expertise in photo retouching, photo composition and all matters related to pre-press and printing.

Suzanne Hansen

SheWanders is a byproduct of wanderlust and Suzanne's passion for the exploration of herself and the world around her.

Kathy Chin

I am a fine art photographer who is inspired by nature, specifically birds and animals. I enjoy observing and being one with nature, and have been thought of as a "bird stalker", watching these creatures for hours to capture their movement.

Judy MacLean-Fowler, Penguin Productions

I love people, animals, nature, travel, science, history, music and the arts.   My Philosophy of Life is “Always Learning, Always Teaching”.   There is a story to tell in every photo and every video.  Whether I’m documenting a live event under my company name, PENGUIN PRODUCTIONS Photography & Video, or creating my own fantasy world of digital art, I try to capture the moment and present it in an artistic and creative manner.

Joan Everds

I strive to achieve a sense of classic elegance in my images. The focus of much of my work is still life and landscapes. All my work originates with a photograph. I often embellish a photograph and frequently add acrylic paint and ink to the printed piece.

Sue Cerise

I am inspired to photograph anything that has a heartbeat.  I particularly love to photograph people while traveling or doing street shots. Unposed, natural expressions that show the inner nature of a person really speak to me.

Katie Clark

Katie Clark is a seasoned photographer with over 60,000 hours experience and is known for her ability to capture decisive moments discretely with style and enthusiasm. This year, Katie is celebrating her 25th anniversary as a professional photographer. Her daily projects range from portraits and weddings to various social and corporate events.

Patricia Bean

I believe our lives are enriched by art and Design. I also know the importance of artistic principles to capture the nuance of light, form, shape, and balance. I create images to express the feel of a space, that exemplifies the accomplishments of the creator. 

Kim Treffinger


Nancy Hacker

I'm a retired Dental Hygienist who moved down from Seattle 3 years ago. As an
avid amateur photographer of several decades, I especially enjoy doing Travel, Street,
Creative and Abstract photography.


Patricia Lucia 

Patricia Lucia Photo & Video is an editorial and commercial event photographer, specializing in people and corporate photography & video with a colorful and energetic style. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business, she believes that great creativity is the result of team effort and values working closely with her clients.  Based in San Diego, California, Patricia and her team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.

Judy Olesen

I am passionate about landscape photography!  Capturing the beauty of nature defines what photography is all about for me.  My images portray the natural grandeur I see thru my camera lens onto the printed image. 

Angie Crompton

I am a Landscape and Nature Photographer.  I am inspired each day that I look out of the window and see a new set of colors.  An old  English hymn that I learned as a child "All Things Bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small" hit home for me then and still does.  When I travel to new places it opens up a whole new vista to photograph and immortalize.

Seeing SilenceSeeing Silence

Jodie Hulden

I am primarily a landscape and wilderness fine art photographer, specializing in contemplative, black and white images. My images tend to be meditative, intimate "visual haiku".

Candace Galvez

Through a lens diverse world's appear. It's there I find my own existence. 

Barbara Fletcher 

Photography has been my passion for over 40 years. I specialize in travel, landscape, portraiture and macro photography. "Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

Grace Shelley

The creational magic of Grace's art is her ability to bring out the beauty and wonder in what she calls the mysterious mundane, creating impressionistic and abstract pieces from things that often go unnoticed in our daily environment. Her favorite is to work with clients to produce large custom pieces for both homes and offices.


Rhonda Epstein

I have a deep appreciation of nature and art and feel most at home in the space where these two come together. For this reason I find myself drawn to nature photography. I love the process of getting out in nature and striving to capture its beauty with my camera. This process is both challenging and rewarding. I endeavor to capture scenes that tell a story and create emotion. 


Karen Floyd

Janine Free

Joanna Herr
Julie Licari

Carolyn Lawrence
Dawn Harmon
Deb Saverese
Emily Sperling
Fleur Schim
Kim Hirsch
Linda Berman
Mary Widicus
Osia Strasner 
Renee LeGrand 
Robin Stern
Sally Vogt 

Laurie Guidero
Heidi Gauthreux

Leagh Sachs