We meet the FIRST Thursday of every month. In general, presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. Exceptions are noted in the Events Calendar.

Our mission is to provide our members with a monthly creative fix and the friendship of female photographers.  

Meetings currently held on Zoom. We rotate on a monthly basis; each member assuming responsibility for supporting our group by hosting a meeting, presenting a topic of particular personal interest ~ or arranging a creative shoot, bringing refreshments, or serving on the Leadership Team or committees.

If you would like to join us, please CONTACT US for more information.



Dec 7: Holiday Party 



Apr 4 - Artistic Composites Made Simple- Char Webster

May 2 - Flower Garden Tea Party- Luci Dumas

June 6- 3:00-7:00 Horses and Models- Judy
July 11 (2nd Thurs): Art in Review Brunch

Aug 1  -   Ai _Larry Vogel & Angelika



Jan 4: Landscape WOW Factor Editing - Heidi Gauthreaux 
Feb 1: Dass Transfer Film - Linda Berman

Mar 7: Horse Photography



Jan 5: Bird Photography

Feb 2: Big Sales Business Methods

March 2: Birds and Landscapes at Santee Lakes

April 6: Birch Aquarium

May 4: Cinco de Mayo Brunch/ Studio Share

June 1: Digital Artist Spotlight- Carly Sullens

July 6: Art Show: Year in Review

July 13: Bonus Field Trip to Pageant of the Masters

Aug 3: Underwater Models

Sept 7: Studio Tour by Karen Floyd

Oct 5: Cell Phone Photography

Nov 2: Photography Tips and Tricks


January: Master Light Painter John Hartman (Zoom)

February: Creativity Spectacular! (Zoom)

March: March Madness: Tips and Tricks

April: Lavender Farm

May: "Studio" Flower Still-Life Workshop

June: Mobile Travel Photography with Kim Signoret Paar

July: Show and Tell

August 11 at 6:30 pm: Shoot The Moon

September 8: Flying Fabric Workshop

Oct 6: Post Processing from Flying Fabric Workshop

Nov 3: Encaustic

Dec 1: Holiday Party


January: Bird Outing

February: Masterpiece Magic

March: "Let's Find Your Blue Period" by Suzanne Hansen Ofeldt

April: Night Sky Photography by Eileen Mandell

May: Altered Reality/ Conceptual Art by Fran Forman

June: Critique Corner/ Elements of Good Photography

July: "Telling the story by Changing the View" On-location Shoot by Judy MacLean Fowler

August: Textures Exchange

September: Street Photography

October: Photoshop Tricks

November: Watercolor Photographs

December: Holiday Party


January: Snapseed App Editing

February: Framing Workshop

March: Portfolio Review

April: Steps to Preparing Portraits for printing

May: Photoshop Tips and Tricks (virtual meeting)

June: Underwater Photography Lecture Online

July: Photo Project and Fine Art Review- Open House Online

August: What You’ll Learn New About Shooting Flowers

September: Embarcadero Sunset and Moon Rise

October: Video for Photography Business Lecture by Jennie Edwards, Editing Video by Judy MacLean Fowler

November: Video Homework Show and Tell

December: Virtual Holiday Pary with Fine Art Gift Exchange


January: Anthotype Workshop

February: Corel Painter

March: Scavenger Hunt

April: Lighting and Posing

May: Models

June: Advanced Photoshop

July: (note the meeting will be held 7/11 due to the holiday) Open House Show and Tell

August: Black and White How-to Workshop

September: Light Painting (evening meeting)

October: Still Life Playground

November: Photoshop Playground "Follow the Leader" at MOPA

December: Holiday Party

2018 Past Meetings:

Jan 4th: 4x10x20  Four Teachers: iPhone art, Sillagismz, Abstract in computer, and a Bonus

Feb. 1st:  Horses at the Beach!!! (members only)

March 1st:  Jack Davis (members only)

GALLERY SHOW 2017-2018: Villa Musica in Sorrento Valley

April 5th:  Photographing Peacocks in Full Bloom

Retreat: April 2018 in Oceanside

May 3rd: Encaustic Workshop 

June 7th  Print Critique!  By gallery curator(s).

July 12th   Guest Brunch and Fine Art Show

August 2nd- Bodhi Smith-Use of ND filters; with slow exposures on water

Sept 6th- Street Photography

Sept 9th- Women in Creative Photography Gives Back (WGB) at Father Joe's 

Oct 4th- *Evening meeting- ocean sunset using info learned in Bodhi Smith’s Neutral Density lesson

Nov 1- Composite Playground 

Dec. 6th– Holiday Party



January  5th: Luci teaching  People Retouching  ~ Fast and Easy ~  

Feb 2nd: Docent Tour of MOPA

March 2nd: Image Transfers

April 6th: Flower Fields with Macro Photography

May 4th: Male Model Shoot (our Annual event)

May 18 – 21  WiCP Retreat in Baja

June 1st: Still Life ~ Designing and Photography

Night Sky Outing, Sunrise Highway, Shoot of the Milky Way with Eileen ~ Monday June 19th

July 6th: Our Annual Guest Brunch and Review of our Fine Art
August  3rd: Composites by Michele McCain

Sept 7: Lightroom Mobile Sync

Oct 5th: Finding Elements in La Jolla- Shooting for Compositions, Abstract and Artistic Vision

Nov 2nd: Night Sky Processing at George's

Dec 7th: Our Holiday Party and Photo-Art Gift Exchange Game at Angelika's Home

January:  Newborn photography - Luci
March:  Headshot class/IQ – Julie
April:  Ice forms, Amy's house - Abbey
May:   iPhoneography and apps – Theresa Jackson
June:  Mary Beth teaching Botanical Printing
July: Open House
August: Tips and Tricks, Member Share
Sept: Night Sky photography
October: Boudoir
November: Encaustic process
December: Holiday Party


Jan 8- Angelica Fantasy and Creativity at her house
Feb- Doll House tour
March- Jennifer's workshop about discovering your personal project, at Amy’s
April- Encaustics Abbey taught at Misha’s  
April  Art Alive
May:  Silhouettes and Fire Spinning by Sam at beach
June: Cyanotypes by Patricia
July- open house at Abbey’s
July- Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and POM
August- Fine Art Nudes at Kim's and Dana’s pool
Sept- Infrared at Quail Gardens by Abbey
Oct- Projection Sales by Luci
November- Photoshop Tricks by Judy
December: Holiday Party